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Monster- Mega 10″ Harley Subwoofer or Midbass Adapter Rings (Pair) All years 98-current



*Please read* *SOLD IN PAIRS*

These are the new Subwoofer, Midbass adapters(Patent Pending) for the New midbass and Subwoofers. They are an oversized Adapter ring to sit at the shock bump in a Harley Davidson 98-present. The OD is 11.02 with a mounting diameter of 9.40.

No more having to remove the gaskets from the subwoofer to get them to fit either or trimming down the speaker itself!!!. These will fit any Subwoofer or midbass with a bolt pattern also larger that 9.4. They can also be opened up to fit the JLTW3 and you’ll be able to clock the speaker in any position and are also designed to work with the nagy toppers with a little bit of trimming. 

THEY WILL NOT FIT A 9″ BASKET SUBWOOFER OR MIDBASS AND YOU WOULD NEED A REDUCER RING WHICH WE ALSO CARRY, or you would need to purchase the regular ones on the website if you’re going to run anything smaller that a 9.3 in mounting diameter. 

Sold in pairs Speaker and ring mounting hardware Included! Only screws will be provided with these no threaded inserts! Please be sure to select the correct product with or without panel bond

Custom Made Parts, all sales are Final

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