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Universal 10/12 RNRR


These are a CNC molded universal adapter ring, it will accommodate almost anything from a 10″ subwoofer to a JLTW3 12″. each scribbled line in the adapter ring represents 1/8″ increments. So if you need the opening to be 9 5/8 you would cut to the 5th line to get your mounting diameter hole. These are perfect for the guys who may want to run 10″ in their drop rail and opt to switch to a 12″ later on without tearing their bags up to replace the adapter rings and or having to buy a new set of saddle bags. Need an adapter to adapt it back to a 10 from a 12? Let us know and we will CNC the panel to fasten in to start back over with a 9″ mounting diameter. These have a depth of 2″ and an over all depth of 2.5″

Tons of options with this from saddle bags, trike trunks, freewheelers, tour packs etc, just shape how you want them to fit.

Ring hardware included, Speaker bolt in hardware included for retail sales.

Reducers sold seperatly

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