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Panel Bond



Work Time 1.5 min

10 min to sand and paint


Work Tim: 90 Minutes

Clamp Time 4hrs

Cure Time 24hrs

The use of a heat gun or heat lamp can speed up this process.

Longer clamp times may be necessary for lower temperatures.

NG 1.5, NG90 is a two-component epoxy cartridge system intended for use in bonding door skins and smaller body panels and plastic parts. Use on steel, aluminum, SMC and plastic ( Does not work on HDPE products)

General Information: These 2:1 cartridges are available in a convenient side by side delivery system in a 220 ml size. The larger chamber contains a black epoxy based resin; the smaller side contains a beige catalyst system.
NG90 is sold as a kit and performance has been verified using the kit contents.

You will receive (1) 220ML tube and 2 tips, extra tips can be ordered in packs of 10. Larger orders can be accommodated.

Panel Bond Gun SOLD SEPARATELY!!!!




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